Who are we?

We are the corporate training division of Microbusiness Training Centre Inc. headquartered in downtown Edmonton, Alberta Canada. For more than 19 years, Microbusiness has been a leader in the provision of entrepreneur and business training for small to medium sized enterprises.

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Value of Training

Investing in human talent with skills training and development is expensive and time consuming. However, it has never been more important than it is in today’s hectic business climate. A recent study released by Leadership IQ, revealed that 46% of employees…

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Meet our Facilitators

Our team of facilitators and training consultants at Training Warehouse possess a broad depth of business experience, education and knowledge.
Many have worked in corporate learning and skill development for years. If you have a specific topic, series of workshops or training…

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Training Categories


Whether your team has well defined goals or they are still determining their role in the business, the programs offered in this section provide a flexible and dynamic core understanding of business fundamentals with a broad assortment of career skills development.

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Developing good communication practices has proven to be one of the key elements in the skill set of an organization’s human talent. As employees enter the threshold of management, it becomes even more important to demonstrate strong communication skills in their every day interactions and crisis situations. This section offers fundamentals to learning and improving communication strategies.

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How a team works together has everything to do with how comfortable those employees are in working with one another. Providing employees with learning and development opportunities that they can practice in their everyday workplace environment, empowers them to aspire to their fullest potential and produce their best work. This section addresses challenging topics that can surface in the workplace.

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In any organization, driving the top line revenue is essential to a company’s financial sustainability and future growth. Understanding the fundamentals of sales and marketing, and the process required to reach those sales goals is presented in this section of assorted programs.

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Preparing employees for career advancement in a supervisory or management role takes good planning, preparation and training in a number of areas. This section provides a dynamic core of business fundamentals relative to handling situations on the career ladder.

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Creating a cohesive workplace culture in today’s complex business environment can be challenging and rewarding. Smart business understands the human connection in values, behaviour, process, accountability, performance and measurement. The key to bringing it all together is knowledge and workplace training.

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This online Entrepreneur training takes participants through a step-by-step delivery method set out in five (5) Modules. Each Module includes one (1) hour of coaching provided by a business consultant from Microbusiness Training Centre Inc. Learn essential business skills and develop a solid business plan for the future.

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Every aspiring Entrepreneur needs tools that will strengthen and support their business journey.
This section offers fundamental resources that touch on most aspects of starting or managing a small business in today’s market.

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Understanding the basics of digital marketing and social media in the world of business today is essential. This section, takes learners through a series of courses that provides the foundation to internet marketing.

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