Who are we?

We are the corporate training division of Microbusiness Training Centre Inc. headquartered in downtown Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. For more than 17 years, Microbusiness has been a leader in the provision of entrepreneur and business training for small to medium sized enterprises.

Training Warehouse offers an innovative, insightful and high-energy approach to the delivery of “soft skills” and corporate learning. We impart a depth of expertise and knowledge in working with all levels of business, government and not for profit sectors to create, manage and empower employees to reach their personal goals and career aspirations.

In today’s learning environment, retention is so important. At Training Warehouse, we provide the capacity, facilitation resources and training programs that support human capital and employers to achieve their highest levels of productivity and customer satisfaction.

If you have not engaged our corporate training services yet, check out what our clients have to say . . .

“The training develops great awareness and the centre is a terrific resource. The course was done extremely well and was very professional.”

“This has been one of the best courses in terms of practical application.”

“Educational and fun;  two words that never went well together until now.”